Wave 150 – Canada into the Next 150 years: Re-imagining the People’s Constitution

The College of New Scholars will host a series of events to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, while promoting a vision for the next 150 years. Borrowing from Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke, the overarching theme for the Wave event is “Re-imagining the Constitution.” The College seeks to combine a range of perspectives, from the creative and performing arts to the scholarly, to examine how the Canadian Constitution might be re-framed to reflect the 21st century realities of our country.  The events, held in five cities, will sweep across the country like a relay race. These events will be 120 minutes long, and will be regionally focused, reflecting the challenges and unique perspectives of the different parts of the country.

The College of New Scholars is grateful for the support of the following institutions:



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