Canada 150 Wave

A cross-Canada College Wave is being planned to celebrate Canada 150. A series of events at cities across the country are being planned for late September 2017 that will run across the country like a relay race that will be scholarly and artistic looking not back at Canada’s past 150 years, but the next 150 years into the future.

Contact: Cynthia Milton

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Characterizing Interdisciplinary Perspectives within the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

An opportunity for Members to participate in a College-initiated paper:

One of the characteristics that differentiates the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) from the three long-standing Academies of the RSC is its interdisciplinary character. Indeed, not only are the majority of members of the College working across boundaries (a reasonable assumption) or will be at some point in their careers, the College as a whole embraces the collective perspectives, voice and ideals of those that are true interdisciplinarians. Much lip service has been paid to the various multiple disciplinary terms (e.g., interdisciplinarity, multidiscipliarity, transdisciplinarity) such that some have argued that these concepts and terminology are meaningless. Nonetheless, these concepts and terms find their way into the strategic plan of nearly every institution of higher learning in Canada and beyond. Given that interdisciplinarity is a core concept of the College, exploring this concept and its ideals is prudent in an effort to help characterize the identity of the College and its members. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to share the collective wisdom of the College with the broader community (e.g., any such institution or organization that wants to bring together people from various disciplines) to stimulate discourse and debate on the merits and challenges associated with interdisciplinarity.

Contact: Steven Cooke

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