College Presidential Nominations

The College is pleased to announce the opening of the period during which nominations will be sought for the next President of the College of New Scholars. This person will become the President-Elect at the upcoming Celebration of Excellence (formerly AGM) in Winnipeg this November. They will then begin their two-year term as President at the 2018 COE.

For the nomination itself, a concise explanation (one or two paragraphs) about the suitability of your proposed candidate will suffice. The criteria are as follows: vision for the future; bilingualism; interdisciplinary appeal; administrative experience; commitment/availability; and willingness to participate in funding initiatives.

The nomination ought to be submitted to Russel MacDonald no later than June 12.

Members whose names have been suggested for the role will be informed of their nomination. If they accept the nomination, they will be requested to submit a brief (maximum two-page) statement of their qualifications and plans, if elected, along with a brief biography (maximum one page) and a CV. These documents will be made available to the voters, and ought to be submitted by June 26.

The voting process will begin in the summer.

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