VOIX DU COLLÈGE – Canada’s Paris-pipeline paradox

Markus Hecker, University of Saskatchewan and Jackie Dawson, University of Ottawa The Canadian government’s decision to purchase Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project shortly after […]

VOIX DU COLLÈGE – Killing sharks, wolves and other top predators won’t solve conflicts

Robert Lennox, Carleton University; Austin Gallagher, University of Miami; Euan Ritchie, Deakin University, and Steven J Cooke, Carleton University In French Polynesia, fishing is an […]

VOIX DU COLLÈGE – Un vrai compromis est possible au sujet du pipeline Trans Mountain

Peter Dietsch, Université de Montréal L’expansion du Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) divise la population et elle est devenue un des enjeux les plus controversés en […]

VOIX DU COLLÈGE – Birds wearing backpacks trace a path to conservation

Samantha Knight, University of Guelph and Ryan Norris, University of Guelph With the arrival of spring, we look forward to the return of hundreds of […]

VOIX DU COLLÈGE – How the hard work of wild animals benefits us too

Kendra Coulter, Brock University Like other nature lovers and rural residents, I have been marvelling at the many animal courtships and other mating preparations that […]