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VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – Fundamental Research and Applied Research: A continuum or a divide?

Labels are common and convenient in today’s society. For example, within the academic world, there are those who engage in “fundamental research” and those who engage in “applied research”. In reality, those forms of research are not two discrete labels or entities, but rather a continuum. It is (or should be) entirely appropriate and perhaps […]

Concrete Change Begins with Empathy, but It Doesn’t End there

According to the panelists at a Congress session called “On Indigenous lands: Empathy and social justice,” the formation and findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada constitute just the first and very incomplete step in addressing the injustices that plague Canada both past and present. For Professor Joanna Quinn (Western University), reconciliation is […]

College Presidential Nominations

The College is pleased to announce the opening of the period during which nominations will be sought for the next President of the College of New Scholars. This person will become the President-Elect at the upcoming Celebration of Excellence (formerly AGM) in Winnipeg this November. They will then begin their two-year term as President at the […]

Goose Bay, Labrador

As one of the objectives of the College is to get to learn about and borrow from diverse modes of knowledge production and dissemination across the country, and the different challenges facing Canadian communities today, the College intends to hold one meeting per year in smaller and harder to access regions.We have been invited by […]

VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – More border resources for migrants is not a solution

Desperate asylum seekers are crossing the Canadian border, and did so in the dead of winter. This has precipitated an emotionally charged, political debate. Simplistic solutions abound, notably loud calls to deploy more resources at Canada’s land border. But there are serious limits to what throwing money at the border can accomplish. Migrants have been […]

VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – The Cafeteria Conundrum: 8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in Our Schools

Schools are tasked with a difficult and sometimes controversial responsibility: promoting healthy eating. Indeed, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s recent evaluation regarding compliance with its nutritional policy gave our schools low marks in a number of areas. This is not surprising as there is a great deal of inertia to overcome. As […]

La guerre vue à travers l’art

De 1980 à 2000, le conflit entre le Sentier lumineux et l’État péruvien a provoqué la mort ou la disparition de quelque 70 000 personnes, essentiellement des paysans des régions andines éloignées de la capitale, Lima. «Selon les statistiques de la Commission de vérité et de réconciliation, les actes de violence relevaient dans 54 % […]

2017 Nomination Period is Closed

The 2017 nomination period is closed, and 242 nominations were received, from 44 institutions in all 10 provinces. Thank you to all who submitted a nomination. The review process is now underway, and up to 80 candidates will be selected for the 2017 cohort. Successful candidates will be contacted in June/July, and the public announcement […]

VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – Counting the Victims of Islamophobia

In recent weeks, political purveyors of “common sense” would have us believe that free speech itself is under threat by M-103, the Liberal parliamentary motion to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” There is a hard line, Conservatives suggest, between free speech and hate speech, and while they denounce the […]