VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – The Cafeteria Conundrum: 8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in Our Schools

Schools are tasked with a difficult and sometimes controversial responsibility: promoting healthy eating. Indeed, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s recent evaluation regarding […]

La guerre vue à travers l’art

De 1980 à 2000, le conflit entre le Sentier lumineux et l’État péruvien a provoqué la mort ou la disparition de quelque 70 000 personnes, […]

VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – From the Tea Party to the Trump Party and Beyond

In an article published earlier this year in The Atlantic, Molly Ball asks whether anti-Trump protesters could learn from the Tea Party, a conservative oppositional […]

2017 Nomination Period is Closed

The 2017 nomination period is closed, and 242 nominations were received, from 44 institutions in all 10 provinces. Thank you to all who submitted a […]

VOICES OF THE COLLEGE – Counting the Victims of Islamophobia

In recent weeks, political purveyors of “common sense” would have us believe that free speech itself is under threat by M-103, the Liberal parliamentary motion […]